Zibo CPPCC Economic Sector Members Visit Langda for Investigation and Guidance

Date:2022-04-20 Read:

On April 8, 2022, Gao Qingyun, Deputy Secretary General of the CPPCC Zibo Municipal Committee, and members of the economic sector visited Zibo Langda Composite Materials Co., Ltd. for research and guidance.


During the survey, Chairman Liu Peng introduced the business concept of "leading technology, customer satisfaction, employee happiness, and building a dream future" to all CPPCC members, reported on the development history and strategic deployment of Landa, and said that in the future, Landa will carry forward the past and forge ahead, and strive to build "China's leading composite technology enterprise!"


Under the leadership of Chairman Liu Peng, CPPCC members visited the production workshop of Rhonda and had a deep understanding of Rhonda's carbon fiber composite roll shaft, carbon fiber telescopic rod, carbon fiber motor rotor protective sleeve, magnetic suspension motor rotor, carbon fiber composite pressure vessel and other products.


Deputy Secretary General Gao highly recognized the scientific and technological innovation and R&D achievements of Rhonda, and called on all enterprises to actively learn from Rhonda and its products. He also hoped that Rhonda could continue to carry out scientific research and innovation, continue to expand the application market, promote Rhonda's products to a larger market, and make Rhonda reach a higher level.


After the survey, Vice Secretary General Gao and his delegation took a group photo with Chairman Liu Peng.


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