Zibo Langda Composite Materials Co., Ltd. held the launching ceremony of "Safety Production Month" activity

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Thousands of articles, safety production first, tens of thousands, safety education first. This June is the 21st national "Safety Production Month". In response to the national call, the Launching Ceremony of "Safety Production Month" of Landa was held in Landa's production workshop on the afternoon of June 6, marking the beginning of "Safety Production Month".

At the meeting, the person in charge of safety read out the implementation plan of Ronda's 2022 "Safety Production Month" activity, and announced the arrangement of the leader and members of the activity leading group. The meeting required that the activity theme of "Abide by the safety production law and be the first responsible person" should be closely followed, the work plan should be refined, and the safety production responsibility should be fully compacted.

Organize to watch feature films, pay attention to warning education, analyze the causes of accidents, deeply learn lessons, and prevent similar accidents; The staff were extensively mobilized to actively participate in the first Shandong Province Emergency Management Law Popularization Knowledge Contest to popularize legal knowledge and cultivate the awareness of emergency rule of law; Deeply carry out risk hidden danger investigation and emergency drill activities, mobilize employees to carry out activities such as "I am a safety whistle blower" and "find hidden dangers around", and improve emergency management level and safety accident handling ability.

Safety is no small matter

Responsibility is more important than mountain

It's better not to let things go for a thousand days

You can't avoid disaster for a day

Let's guard against trifles

keep ringing the alarm bell

Create a safe and beautiful environment

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